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Sollentuna Omsrog as an employer

We offer our employees secure employment terms with collective agreements. We have an open climate at work where everyone is part of the business development work. As an employee, you must actively participate in the improvement work and contribute to improving the quality of our services. Send a spontaneous application via the link below if you want to be part of us.

How we work

As an employee of our team, you will work with colleagues in smaller groups. This ensures high continuity to the customer and also strengthens the group's dynamics and support for each other. As a member of the team, you should actively work to improve your workplace. The business works actively with the development of the work environment for its employees and it is necessary that everyone is helped to achieve the set goals.


The doctor has a consultancy function in the business and arranges internal courses and training for other staff.


As nursing specialists, the nurses are responsible for quality control and the development of the business. They can also go out on visits if needed.

Assistant nurse

Assistant nurses are the backbone of our business. These are the ones that go home to our customers and make them practical efforts in everyday life. They have the greatest contact with the customer and represent the company's face to the outside.

Why work with us?
  • You get colleagues who are confident in their roles and who work well in teams but also individually

  • You have supervisors who are there to support and assist you during your workout

  • You get a committed management who always has time for you and who listens to you.

  • For the driven, there is an opportunity to climb in your career, maybe you dream of one day being in charge of your own municipality or maybe working as a coordinator?

Collective agreements

A collective agreement is a written agreement between the trade union and the employer. The provisions of the collective agreement govern your employment conditions, wages, working environment, working hours, vacations, forms of employment, termination and insurance when you happen to suffer an accident, become ill, unemployed, parental leave or your future pension.


Collective agreements are a guarantee on pleasant working conditions and a safety factor in your workplace. As an employee of Sollentuna care, you are covered by the applicable collective agreement, the industry
F-elderly care.

Work with us

We are constantly expanding and looking for new staff. Maybe you are the right person for us? Submit your information to us and we will get back to you when we recruit.

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